Sapphire Blue Publishing
Circa 2009 -2011

Sapphire Blue Publishing produced high quality eBooks that ranged from Action/Adventure, Comedy, Erotic, Fantasy/Sci-fi, Gay, Historical, Hot Shorts, Inspirational, Mainstream, Mystery/Suspense, Poetry, Shapeshifters, Short Shorts, Time Travel, Urban Fantasy/Paranormal, Young Adult, to Romance.
Content is from the site's 2009- 2011 archived pages providing a glimpse of the type of books this company published.

Welcome to Sapphire Blue Publishing!

Welcome to Sapphire Blue Publishing!

This is gearing up to launch in August, 2008, with variable but competitive royalty rates, open to many genres, and will also do reprints. 12,000-100,000 words. But submissions are by invitation only. July 2009 update: They are open to submissions in several genres, including erotica. Royalty rates begin at 45%. Electronic only; no paper submissions. July 2010 update: They are open for submissions, no longer by invitation only. July 2011 update: “We are open to anything your imagination can conjure up.” December 2011 update: They are closing as of the end of November 2011.



GO GREEN!!!!!  Everyone these days is talking about how they can reduce their negative impact on the environment and go green.  Electronic books are environmentally friendly because trees are not being cut down to make the book.  Have you considered your reading material when it comes to going "Green?"  Consider how your credit card companies and bank are asking you to turn off statements.  This is to save costs for their company, but it’s also to save our planet. 

Currently, you’re receiving newspapers, magazines, coupons and other material through electronic media—Why not books?  When electronic books are produced, trees are not cut down, there are no manufacturing impacts, no delivery through our highways, and no warehouses to store them in.  Electronic books are cutting down on air pollution, fossil fuel use, and deforestation just to name a few.

So Sapphire Blue Publishing encourages our readers to buy electronic books.   Save your planet!!!! 


"I first learned about the books in the Sapphire Blue catalog from a man wearing a Batman costume! He was raising money for the City Council's waterfront project and had partnered with the online retailer MoonAtMidnight, who was donating a portion of the profits from the sale of their Batman t-shirts to the project - they have the most gorgeous displays of their Batman wares. As a bonus, he had parked the one and only Batmobile nearby, drawing attention and excitement from the crowd. He was using an iPad to show me how I could participate in the fundraiser by ordering qualifying Batman shirts online. But I noticed he had an ebook opened - Shadows, and the graphic caught my eye so I asked him about it. He raved that although it was a woman's story, he was hooked on the read and showed me other books he had enjoyed. Long story short, Batman helped me find the great books that I now consider some of the best romance novels ever. They have just the right mix of plot, engaging characters and a hint of sexual fantasy. I also bought a couple of Batman t-shirts for my nephews." Alice Greer


About Sapphire Blue Publishing

Sapphire Blue Publishing produces high quality eBooks that will induce conversations and addict you to a special experience.  You'll lose yourself in a universe where the women kick ass, dark fantasy worlds become a reality, suspense sends chills up your spine, and more...

In an economy where money counts, Sapphire Blue Publishing's books are priced fantastically!

SBP listens to our customers and here are some examples of superior, individualized customer appreciation:

"I will say that Sapphire Blue Publishing is great...I didn't indicate PDF format and they delivered my copy in another format. I contacted them asking how to change the delivery to Adobe PDF or whether I should order it again, but a lady named Tiffany at the company immediately answered my e-mail and informed me she was downloading Salvaged to me in PDF."
 - Donna

"I have purchased your book and will start reading it this weekend, if not sooner. I'm so excited!! I didn't have any trouble buying it, but had problems downloading it.  I bought my new computer at home in December, and it has Vista on it.  I have XP at work though, and I was finally able to download here.  I have to say that Tiffany was very, very helpful, fast with solutions and willing to try whatever it would take to get me your book."
 - Joy

"I purchased your book yesterday and got a "corrupted file" message and was unable to download it. I sent an e-mail to the publisher and within two hours they responded, corrected the problem and got me the book. I was very impressed with their prompt and efficient customer service. Just thought you might want to know..."

 - Sheila

Sapphire Blue Publishing is a new eBook publishing company managed by a close family group of highly respected, innovative, revolutionary entrepreneurs.  

Sapphire Blue Publishing, LLC is a partnership owned by Maria Clayton and Tina Gerow--two very dynamic people bringing with them diverse strengths and backgrounds who are committed to making Sapphire Blue a publishing company where authors and publishers form a win/win partnership in an industry we love. We hope the end result of this new kind of partnership will be books that "enchant" our readers and bring them back time and time again.


Calling All Authors!!

SBP publishes all both Fiction (all genres) and non-Fiction.  We're open to anything your imagination can conjure up! 

  Current Hot Needs:

  - Hot Erotic Romance or Straight erotica.  Any size story, but especially 10-25K.  F/M, F/F, M/M or any combination.  (Ensure in same sex romances, pronoun usage--she/she, he/he--is clear!)  We like plot with our sex!! Must have an engaging story line that happens in the now.

  Send us your:

-  Romance, any subgenre.

 -  Multicultural stories in any genre.

 - Paranormal stories in any genre.  Shapeshifters (werewolves, weretigers, were-whatevers!), spirits, hauntings, demons, vamps (especially fun new twists on vamps!), fairies and any beasties we haven't seen before.

 - Young Adult. Geared toward teenage readers and up that sucks them in with fast paced entertainment.   

 - Fantasy.  Fairies, wizards, elves, dryads etc with a great fantasy voice!

 - Mystery & Suspense.  Fresh, fun, unpredictable story lines that keep us on the edge of our seat and turning pages.

 -  Non fiction.  Self Help, How To, Tips & Tricks, any length.


  • Do you have any manuscripts hidden under the bed or wasting away on your hard drive that keep begging to be let out for some fresh air? 
  • Do you have an off the wall story premise or set of characters that’s been hard to find a home for? 
  • Do you have a previously published story that you’ve received the rights back on that you’d love to take out for another spin? 
  • Have you been told that your story crosses all genres and may be hard to place? 

We are a royalty paying publisher and we accept story lengths from 5k and up.  Our contracts are author friendly, and run for a two year term for electronic books.  We will doing print on demand by July of 2011.

See below for submission information.


Submission FAQ's

What type of publisher is Sapphire Blue Publishing?
We are a royalty paying publisher.  We will NOT ask for any fees from an author to publish or distribute their book.

What are our royalty rates?
Our royalty rates begin at 45%.

Do we assign ISBN numbers to our books?
Yes. An ISBN number is assigned to each contracted book, and each medium version of the book. (i.e. the same book will have one ISBN number for eBook and a different one for audio (if available) etc.)

Do we publish anything but erotic romance?
Yes. We are open to many genres.

Does Sapphire Blue publish works that were previously published elsewhere?
Yes.  As long as the rights have reverted back to the author, and the author can provide the reversion of rights letter.

Will my work be subject to edits even if it has previously been published somewhere else?
Yes.  All stories, regardless if they have been previously published elsewhere, will go through the full editorial process to ensure only high quality products are offered to our readers.

Would an editor or SBP staff member be willing to attend my writing group meeting/writing conference and speak and/or take editor appointments?
Yes.  Sapphire Blue does maintain a presence at several conferences and attends writing group meetings or other meetings. 


Submissions Information 

To submit your manuscript, or previously published work please send your submission via Microsoft Word attachment (.doc or .rtf) to submissions@sapphirebluepublishing.comh2. 

Note: We do not accept paper submissions.

Please include in your email cover letter:

  • Real Name & Pen Name
  • Story genre
  • Book length
  • Publishing experience
  • Any awards or writing affiliations
  • Website and contact information
  • Microsoft Word attachment with your completed manuscript and a synopsis of no more than 5 pages
  • If previously published work, please attach reversion of rights letter from previous publisher.

Manuscript Formatting:

Sapphire Blue accepts standard eBook manuscript formatting, which is as follows:

  •   Paper size 8.5” X 11”
  •   12pt Bookman Old Style
  •   Margins:  Top/Sides = 1”; Bottom = .08” 
  •   Line spacing – 1.5
  •   Tab:  .5
  •   Headers:  .3
  •   Header Setup:  Layout – different odd/even, different first page
  •   Page numbers, centered on bottom of each page
  •    Page breaks in between chapters
  •   Use three Tildes between scenes - ~~~
  •   No use of formatting within the document such as Header 1, Header 2 etc.

Use common sense. No one will be rejected for using any standard industry accepted formatting, and in Times New Roman, Courier or Bookmans Old Style.

Please be sure that your manuscript has been thoroughly self-edited and is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

We do not accept anything involving rape (even as "titillation") - remember it's about the emotional memory that impacts the current event that is important, or pedophilia.  No minor having sex as an adult with adults - if it's teen sex and appropriate for the scene, we'll review it.


Timeframe to hear on submissions is approximately four months.
Thank you!
The Staff at Sapphire Blue Publishing



New and Current Releases

A Taste of Liberty
ISBN: 978-1-934657-43-0 $4.50

 Book 2 in the Task Force 125 Series

In the war on terror...sometimes the best weapon is a woman...

Sarah Stevens finally has a life.
Instead of the same old life with no man around who is worth the energy, now she has three. One she loves but cannot have, one she can have but cannot love, and another who wants her and doesn’t care if she loves him.
What’s a girl to do?
34K Words 

Romance Junkies

5 Blue Ribbon Review

 I’ve anxiously awaited this story since I first read the first book in the TASK FORCE 125 series. Sarah’s bold as brass attitude and ‘one of the guys’ persona captivated me while her more ‘womanly’ side makes it easy to empathize with her. Sarah’s come a long way since she was first introduced but a lot of the changes were in her appearance, and now she’s dealing with some emotional issues and the results are sometimes jaw dropping. Lisa Pietsch does a brilliant job combining the intensity of a terrorist situation with raw emotion and throwing in plenty of humor so that the storyline moves extremely fast. I fully admit to ignoring the husband and housework while I was immersed in this story and then immediately stopping by Ms. Pietsch’s website to find out how long I’d have to wait for more.

If you haven’t read the first book in this series, THE PATH TO FREEDOM yet I highly suggest you do so. A TASTE OF LIBERTY is a continuation of Sarah’s story and Lisa Pietsch tells this story with as much intensity, passion and respect for the men and women in/and out of uniform who serve our country. 




The Path to Freedom
ISBN: 978-1-934657-06-5 $6.00

Book 1 in the Task Force 125 Series

In the war on terror...sometimes the best weapon is a woman...

 Sarah Stevens is a washed-up military cop whose life is a shambles until she is offered a position as an agent with the CIA. 

The thirty-year-old, overweight, down-on-her-luck Stevens goes to a secret training camp where she is transformed into a sexy and deadly agent whose mission is to stop, by any means possible, the financiers of terrorism against the United States and its allies.

Sarah soon discovers that this is an exciting new life loaded with adventure, danger and undeniable sinful temptations…

77K words


I love the fact that this book takes the reader into a world beyond what happens with people who live their lives as spies. I like that the adventures of the careful preparation of these spies and the line crossing into worlds of some very dangerous people to blend in with them and muzzle their efforts of corruption. These efforts range from being Religious to personal financial gain that leads to espionage. This book pricks your concern about where we would be if those on our side and what's being reported from our enemies here in our country.

There was not much I can say that I didn't like about this book except that I am not an avid love story reader and the love that develops between Sarah and Vince was nice. I am sure that in their situation it is hard to be devoid of feelings. I did wish that they could have entertained their feeling sooner, maybe it could have help them handle their predicament a lot better or maybe not!

Reviewed by:

ROMANCE JUNKIES    Rating: 5 blue ribbons

I have to say THE PATH TO FREEDOM is one genuinely impressive read. I loved Sarah’s gung ho attitude and her determination to reinvent herself and there’s no doubt in my mind that she’s wholly successful in achieving that goal. Vince has issues of his own – both personally and professionally – and Sarah’s ability to stand up to him is a huge turn on for him. One of the things I especially enjoyed about this story was the closeness of the members of Task Force 125.

There’s a genuine caring and ‘openness’ that’s extended to Sarah and really says a lot about this group. Lisa Pietsch infuses this story with humor, lots of action, friendship, romance and suspense so that you’re pulled into these characters lives and don’t want to let them go. Fortunately Ms. Pietsch is working on more stories for both Sarah and her fellow ‘fat camp’ roomy’ Tracey Ballentine so I’ll be anxious to revisit them both and find out just where their adventures have taken them.

 Happily Ever After Review

 I really enjoyed reading about Sarah in, The Path to Freedom. The poor girl couldn't lose weight, so she was kicked out of the air force. She was given a business card to go to a free armed forces sponsored fat camp, and once at fat camp, she learned that things weren't exactly what they seemed. ...I give The Path to Freedom three and a half Tea Cups. It was well written, the characters were very believable, and the sex scenes, while they weren't overly graphic, were enough to jump start my imagination. I give The Path to Freedom a heat rating score of a 1, and I can't wait for the next story in this series. 




Wild Cowboy Domination

ISBN: 978-1-934657-11-9

Cowboy Ray Wilde has a secret. To the public, he’s a bull rider who can get the most worn-out Brahma to buck like a prize-winning bull and in private, when the moon is high over the Arizona desert; he gets more than a little hairy. 

Rachel Benson is searching for her missing sister, and she suspects one of two men are involved in her sister’s disappearance, but which one? Is it the doctor or a shape-shifting bull rider who’s into bondage?

26K Words

Warning:  Contains explicit Sex

 Romance At Heart Magazine

Wild Cowboy Domination is hot read from the start. Rachel and Ray are dynamic characters with sex appeal that steams the pages. The crafty plot spins with some twists and turns that get better with each page. Gardner is a devious bad guy that makes the story flow consistently. I could feel the intensity within the characters as well as the anger, suspicion and emotions they all emitted. Brit Blaise stirs a stimulating read that keeps the reader on the edge of the seat. There were so many moments in the stirring tale that I found myself right along with the characters. The story unfolds with so many interesting events that it practically mesmerizes the reader. Imaginative and intense, this read is a heart pounding thrill. Get the adventure ride today, where strange things abound, and come to life within the pages.

Sincerely good reading,

Romance Junkies gave this wonderful read - 4 1/2 stars

Brit Blaise's WILD COWBOY DOMINATION captivated me from the very first page. The sex between Ray and Rachel is smoldering and full of emotional appeal. I really loved the the scenes where the various shifters reveal their alternate forms and Rachel learns about how she's been deceived by her 'family.' There's no shortage of heart pounding interactions that will keep you guessing and eagerly reading to find out what will happen next.





ISBN: 978-1-934657-33-1

Beneath the veil of the Winter Solstice, a powerful blend of desire and desperation ignites the forgotten Roman custom of Saturnalia.

A brutish husband, a hopeful wife, and a genie of ancient allure are drawn together on a mystical night when vengeance and passion collide.
6K Words

Book Junkie's Rating: 4/5

This is the second book from K.F Zuzulo that I have had the pleasure to read and once again, I was not disappointed in Saturnalia. Well actually I was a little, but just by the fact that I wanted MORE! ...since I hadn't a clue what Saturnalia was I used my best pal Google to check it out: "Saturnalia became one of the most popular Roman festivals. It was marked by tomfoolery and reversal of social roles, in which slaves and masters ostensibly switched places, with humorous results."